hildward werleman

target group SEGMENTATION & visualization

the high-income self-reliant (HiS

Consumer research is a key tool when it comes to branding in order to create and develop a relevant concept that will aim towards a specific target group. The task was to do thorough research on a subsegment and to be able to use that information to draw conclusions on how a living room of this specific subsegment looks like.




desk & field research / photography

creative visualization / writing

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Main Ingredients:

  Mood Board

  Target Group Description




living room viewing box

[mood board]

target group

the high-income self-reliant (HiS)


The “High-Income Self-Reliant” are single gay men in their fifties. They have an above average income and have no partners or kids to spend it on, which makes them early enjoyers. They have a rich social-life and are young at heart. They come from a generation of advocates spreading awareness against HIV. Most of them have lost friends in the 1980’s epidemic. This fact has shaped who they are and how they go about within the gay community. They enjoy the finer things in life and don’t shy in showing that...